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Reiki & Massage

Try the hands on approach to optimize your dog’s health and performance.

Your dogs work hard for you and needs your assistance to remain in tip top physical condition. Reiki and massage are two techniques used with dogs in canine rehabilitation and dog physical therapy that can help your dog feel and perform better.


Reiki is an energy healing therapy that works to holistically create balance and harmony. Every treatment is unique to your dog. The Reiki practitioner directs energy through your dog’s chakras by placing their hands above or on your dog. Fear, stress and even physical pain can be alleviated by balancing your dog’s energy to promote calm and healing.


Our four-legged friends enjoy massage just as much as we do. Tired, over-worked, achy muscles create pain. Massage can help alleviate pain, relax physical tightness, and promote healing.

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About Mary Jolly

K-9 Sports Massage Therapist, K-9 Kinaesthetics Practitioner, (IMT) Integrative Manual Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master-Teacher

Mary Jolly, owner of Elite Performance K9 & Equine, specializes in sports massage, body movement and recovery. Mary is the only certified practitioner of K9 Kinaesthetics on the East Coast and one of the few who is certified as a Animal Integrative Manual Therapy Practitioner in the state of New Hampshire. Mary is a retired Fire Fighter and Paramedic who left her medical career to pursue her career in helping animals. She uses a combination of three very unique and effective holistic approaches, including Reiki and massage, to restore and maintain the body’s full potential. Mary works with dogs and of all sizes and disciplines from your average pet to your top competing performance dog.

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