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Welcome to Wayside Border Collies

Our aim is to breed beautiful, correctly structured border collies that conform to the breed standard. We also try and breed for good work ethic and drive to enjoy and excell at any performance activity the owner wants to pursue. All dogs used for breeding are free of hip dysplasia and have current (within a year) eye clearances.

Wayside Border Collies is owned by Joan Lawson

Wayside The Boys -- Target, Sprint, Metro, Trace, Sketch & Player
Target, Sprint, Metro, Player, Sketch & Trace

Wayside The Boys -- Sketch & Trace.
Sketch & Trace

 The Boys of Wayside Border Collies
ADCH MACH3 CH Pikkupaimenen Dream Catcher CD ROMX Sketch
Ch. ADCH Wayside Draw the Line MX MXJ Trace
Ch. ADCH Pikkupaimenen Fast Forward MX MXJ Player
ADCH-silver Park Ave Wayside Rapid Transit MX MXJ Metro
ADCH-bronze Wayside Keep The Spirit OA AXJ Epic
CH Wayside Catch a Rising Star AAD Fresco
Holther's Perfectly Sketched Sharpie

 The Dogs at the Bridge
OTCH Wayside Catch the Spirit UD Catcher
Cooperlane Keebler Keeb
OTCH Hob Nob Wayside Set the Pace UDX can. CDX AX AXJ OGC EAC OJC Sprint
Ch. OTCH MACH Wayside Right on Target UDX EAC NJC Target


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