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ADCH MACH3 CH Pikkupaimenen Dream Catcher CD ROMX

black and white dog
DOB: 3/5/98
Height: 19" Eyes: Clear
Hips: OFA good
Elbows: Clear
Optigen #05-868 "Normal"
Does NOT carry TNS
Breeder:Sari Solanti, Finland
Owned By: Joan Lawson


Sketch was owner handled to his Championship while still in the puppy classes. He as also been very successful competing in Agility and is the first imported dog to achieve his MACh (Master Agility Champion) title in the AKC (American Kennel Club). He also recently completed his ADCH (Agility Dog Champion) title for the USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association). Beyond Agility, Sketch also trains in Obedience and Herding, which he loves.

Sketch has sired sixteen Conformation Champions to date and more who currently have their majors. Sketch's many kids compete in agility, obedience and herding with terrific results. Along with his good looks and athletic abilities, Sketch has a solid temperament with no fear issues.


Pictures (Click to enlarge - use your Browsers back arrow to return to this page)

Sketch tire Sketch jumping Sketch weaving
Sketch exiting chute Sketch weaving Sketch tire jump Sketch jumping
Sketch jumping Sketch jumping

Sketch jumping Sketch leaping off the table Sketch jumping
Sketch jumping Sketch jumping Sketch jumping Sketch jumping

Sketch charging across the dogwalk Sketch jumping a panel Jump Sketch jumping Sketch jumping Sketch charging on the dogwalk
Sketch weaving. Sketch jumping through a tire Sketch jumping.
Sketch weaving. Sketch exiting a tunnel. Sketch cresting the Aframe.

Past Photos
Sketch Headshot Sketch on the See-saw. Sketch jumping.
Sketch on the See-saw. Sketch weaving. Sketch's MACH ADCH ad for Clean Run.
Sketch stacked. Sketch headshot. Sketch blasting out of the Chute. Sketch charging across the Dogwalk.
Sketch jumping. Sketch blasting out of the weave poles. Sketch cresting the top of the Aframe. Sketch jumping through the tire.
Sketch on the see-saw. Sketch leaping off the Aframe. Tire Sketch herding.
Sketch herding. Sketch herding. Sketch herding. Sketch herding.

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